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Superior Crypto Investments Built by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders, HashMin is passionated about digital and modern investing.


The Hashmin Ltd, and in particular, bitcoins, very favorable and guaranteed profitable business. Our specialization is based on an HML mining hardware systems of cryptocurrencies of the highest segment of this market. Use of the latest smart technologies and participation in the world's largest pools of mining farms guarantee profit and stable development.


We offer high percentage of profitability in our investment plans and we provide this profitability for each our customer with guarantee. It became possible thanks to competent company placement in an offshore and to clever strategic planning of all company's business. We are able to balance correctly between the maximum and real opportunities and we use in its work the latest achievements in the of micro engineering making area.

Our equipment is the most modern and powerful and it is capable to make mining of bitcoins most effectively and is productively. Therefore our customers have real opportunity to make money with guarantee with our company. You will have confidence in overall performance of your investments.


Use of HML systems which have high ability to computing operations and constant highly skilled control behind for mining process it is main moments which need to be realized, having creating business of cryptocurrencies mining. As complexity of the solution of tasks constantly grows, there is a need of permanent monitoring of scientific development for this area with the subsequent introduction of this development in commercial process, and also there is a need of increase of a skill level of the company's staff.

Combining an autonomous mining with the pools of mining farms, and also uniting mining process with trading of cryptocurrencies on the world's leading stock exchanges, we reach the best indicators of profitability at the minimum risks.

Clear and accessible investment platform

No contracts needed; you can have your personal account within a minute. All you have to do is fill in a signup form, where you will required to provide your personal information and Bitcoin address.

Crypto-technology based

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100% Uptime

We are glad to welcome on the company website all fans of online investments, as well as those who are interested in the development of cryptocurrency and follow the news of HashMin Limited! Currently we are ready to offer you a highly profitable investment for the long term. Furthermore such investment will bring you profits every day! Become an investor with the amount of 0.01 Bitcoin and earn up to 200% daily!

Why Choose Us

We make a better world by helping both the investors make money and the innovators get the funds for their dreams


The best protection technologies of your data and carrying out transactions – our actual and uncompromising solution. The powerful dedicated server and protection against any external interventions. Guarantee of a privacy of any transactions and full customers anonymity.


Custom Mining Service the company which is carrying out the licensed actions on world mining platforms.


Investments into the future – our reality now. Custom Mining Service – your way to success and your lucky chance.

24/7 Support

We provide our clients an unbeatable support service through ticket system, email, live-chat and phone.

Secured Platform

Our dedicated DDOS-protected servers are equipped with the strongest antivirus and malware software.


HashMin LTD is a legal company incorporated in the United Kingdom.

Certification No. : 10928831


Having become the partner of our company and having chosen the tariff plan satisfying to your desires and financial opportunities, you daily gain income from the amount of your investments for each day of use by the Company of the amount of all investments during all deposit term.

HashMin Limited, offers a wide choice of deposit rates: from 0.01 BTC or $10.00 with the fixed profit percent. The maximum number of deposits hasn't been determined and is defined only by the investor.


How it works

For participation and income generation you will be required a minimum set of actions, and the system will do the rest.

Register an account and make deposit anytime according to investment offer you are interested in.
There is no need for additional gestures. Your profit is accrued daily and is available for withdrawal at any time.
Withdraw earnings to your Bitcoin wallet from as low as 0.0001 Ƀ anytime by request. Instant processing.
We have designed a lucrative 5% affiliate program for any of our members to join and earn Bitcoins

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In this section you can find complete information about the status of the latest investments and commitments of companies and investors who work with us to implement this project.

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